Saudi Arabia turns to Greece to protect its oil installations


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A Saudi military source told “Saudi WikiLeaks” that a Greek military delegation will visit Riyadh this week to finalize an imminent agreement to protect Saudi Aramco facilities.

The source pointed out that the agreement would provide for the deployment of Greek forces inside the Saudi oil facilities, in addition to the deployment of a Patriot anti-aircraft missile system.

The source suggested that Greece would seek the help of the American expertise and military equipment present in Saudi Arabia.

The air attacks carried out by the joint Yemeni forces on the Kingdom and its oil and military installations have prompted a response to the Saudi aggression on Yemen and the unjust blockade against its people. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to search for a new defense system.

Bin Salman assigned a military delegation the task of searching for a new defense system to counter the missile and drones attacks that worry the Saudi army and state institutions.

Last week, “Saudi Wikileaks” learned from military sources the departure of the delegation, the Kingdom, recently, on a tour between America and European countries; In search of a new and advanced defense system.

The military sources said that the Saudi delegation is trying to search for a program to obtain a defense system consisting of sensors, missiles, control and command centers, which will be able to deal with military threats and Ansar Allah attacks in particular.


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