Saudi Arabia sentenced Al-Hawerini and Al-Sharif preachers to 5 years imprisonment


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The Criminal Court issued a 5-year prison sentence against “Sheikh Walid Al-Hawerini.”

The “Prisoners of Conscience” account confirmed in a tweet on “Twitter” that the Specialized Criminal Court (Terrorism Court) had issued a 5-year prison sentence against Sheikh Walid Al-Hawerini.

The “Prisoners of Conscience” account indicated that the ruling came against the background of Al-Hawerini’s relations with the so-called Al-Surari movement inside the kingdom.

The Specialized Criminal Court also sentenced “Sheikh Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif” to 5 years imprisonment.

And Sheikh Al-Sharif is a member of the scientific committee of the World Organization for the Holy Quran, and a pilot for Saudi Airlines.

The Saudi ruling on the da’is came despite the atmosphere of the blessed month of Ramadan.

And the President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Ahmed Al-Raissouni, had previously called on Muslims around the world to pray and pray for the release of the preachers and scholars detained in the prisons of the Al Saud family, describing the kingdom as a “kingdom of darkness.”

Al Raissouni said in a press release on his official website: “We have a right to codify, and pray as our Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, did.”

He added, “We convince and pray against those who kill, imprison and torture groups of his followers, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, from scholars, preachers, educators, mentors and reformers, wherever they are.”

Al-Raissouni’s call came after the news that Saudi preacher Salman al-Awda, who has been detained for years, lost half his hearing and eyesight in his solitary confinement.

Raissouni considered that “what is going on in the kingdom of darkness, of tyranny, cruelty, domination and enslavement, has become something that the ancient Pharaohs are ashamed of, and it is all astonishing that these brutal tyrants insist on contaminating Islam by affiliation with it and wiping it out, and they are the most distant people from it, and most of them spite it and adhere to it. Against him ”.

And he went on: “Islam is mercy and mercy, and they are a curse in a curse .. Islam is a light on light, and they are darkness above each other .. Islam is justice and charity, and they are injustice, aggression and tyranny .. Islam is tenderness and gentleness, and they are ruggedness and violence .. Islam is freedom and dignity, and they are all On the day they slaughter freedom and hang on dignity.

Raissouni concluded by saying: “Therefore, we have nothing left but to plead to God with supplication and hope, that He may send His mercy, kindness, and relief to those oppressed, afflicted and tormented people, and that His revenge and punishment be inflicted on the oppressive tyrants.”


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