Saudi Arabia requires that Hezbollah be removed from the army to provide aid!


A meeting took place, far from the media, between the Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun and the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon Walid al-Bukhari, which dealt with the file of aid requested by the army “from brotherly and friendly countries to Lebanon”, after the meeting held in the army leadership with a large number of military attaches in embassies An Arab and foreign meeting, which was also devoted to presenting the army with a list of demands for support from these countries.According to the information, the Saudi ambassador conveyed to General Aoun the greetings of the Saudi leadership and that the Kingdom does not mind studying assisting the army in various forms. Among them is the reactivation of part of the grant that was planned during the days of King Abdullah and canceled after the outbreak of the Yemen war, in addition to providing direct material support to feed the military support fund.
But al-Bukhari explained to the army commander that the problem facing the assistance was that the army was still “teeming” with Hezbollah supporters who were interfering in the work of the military institution against orders. The army commander responded to him that Hezbollah does not have operatives inside the army, and that everyone knows that Hezbollah cannot interfere in the work of the army, nor in the formations of its officers and soldiers. Aoun continued: “But the idea repeated by many, including Western parties, cannot be addressed, as some of the demands speak about officers and soldiers just because they have relatives in Hezbollah. It is difficult to overcome in any Shiite family in Lebanon ».

Iraq announced yesterday the allocation of 2.4 million dollars to the Lebanese army

Al-Bukhari’s move comes in the context of the US “orders” that were issued to many Arab and Western countries to provide in-kind and financial support to the Lebanese Army. The Americans want their allies to provide aid to the army, allowing the US administration to avoid the complications it faces in Congress, which may delay the arrival of support to Yarze.
Yesterday, Iraq announced the allocation of $ 2.4 million to the Lebanese army, with the amount to be divided between equipment and funds. Morocco has also previously announced food aid for the army, at the behest of King Mohammed VI.

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