Saudi Arabia records the highest number of new cases of Corona since August 25


Saudi Arabia records the highest number of new cases of Corona since August 25




Today, Tuesday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced that it had recorded 1070 new cases of the Coronavirus, which causes the “Covid-19” infection, which is the highest level for this indicator since August 25, 2020.

The Ministry stated that the general toll of confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus that causes “Covid-19” in the country has increased during the past 24 hours by 1070, to reach the level of 407010 cases.

The index of daily infections with the Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia during the past weeks increased significantly, and it reached April 17, 948 cases, on April 18, 916, and on April 19, 970.

Today’s outcome is the highest number of daily injuries since August 25, but this level is much lower than the numbers in the summer of 2020, when the daily toll reached more than 4 thousand cases.

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However, Saudi Arabia faces a continuous increase in the number of active cases, which increased from 9508 Monday to 9626 Tuesday, while the number of critical injuries increased from 1087 yesterday to 1,105 today.

The Ministry of Health reported that 12 new deaths were reported due to the disease, adding that the death toll from the pandemic in Saudi Arabia rose to 6,846.

In recent days, the index of new deaths increased slightly, as on April 17, it reached 9 cases, on April 18, it reached 13 cases, and on April 19, 11.

The Ministry stated that the number of people recovering from “Covid-19” in the Kingdom reached 390,538, after 940 new cures were recorded.

On December 17th, Saudi Arabia launched a mass vaccination campaign for the Kingdom’s population against Coronavirus infection, with a vaccine developed by the American “Pfizer” and the German “Biontech” company, to later adopt the vaccine for the British-Swedish company, “AstraZeneca”.

Source: RT


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