Saudi Arabia News Blood clots delay launching Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Europe


Saudi News The company, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, revealed, on Tuesday, that it has postponed the launch of its Corona virus vaccine.

And Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals announced that it had decided to postpone vaccination with its Corona virus vaccine in Europe, following news of the emergence of rare cases of blood clots in the United States.

She was the highest American health authority, and said that it had not yet found a “causal” link between the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine against Corona and blood clots.

And the US Food and Drug Administration said in a statement: “At the present time, we have not found a causal relationship with vaccination and continue our investigation and evaluation of these cases.”

The regulatory agency stated that it was aware that “a small number of individuals” in the United States suffered from blood clots and low levels of platelets in the blood after receiving the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine.

She added in her statement, “It could be that both cases have different causes,” and added, “We will keep public opinion informed as we progress further.”

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