Saudi Arabia launched the SV 2020 program, keeping pace with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, the Saudi Press Agency


Jeddah 14 Ramadan 1442 AH corresponding to April 26, 2021 AD, SPA
The Assistant Director General of Saudi Telecom Airlines, Khalid bin Abdul Qadir Tash, confirmed that Saudi Airlines launched the SV2020 transformation program five years ago, in conjunction with the launch of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
Tash explained that the program included plans and programs for all sectors of the corporation, the most important of which is raising the efficiency of operating and developing services, during a press conference held yesterday at the headquarters of Saudi Airlines in Jeddah, indicating that the launch of the SV2020 transformation program for Saudi Airlines contributed to the modernization of its fleet by receiving 84 new aircraft during the five years. Through it, Saudi Arabia was able to be ranked first in the world in terms of the modernity of the fleet.
Assistant General Manager of Saudi Airlines Communications said: “Saudi Airlines has been keen to develop products on board its flights, starting with developing the menu and introducing a new package of comfort crews signed by international designers and increasing the hours of the entertainment system by adding the latest movies and programs in addition to providing the Internet for all guests of Saudi Arabia. .
He added: “Saudi Airlines has created new jobs in the air service, including an air chef, butler, and assistant cabin steward. We have also established extensive and specialized training programs for cabin navigators, including a flight attendant, first flight attendant, first-class flight attendant and business stewardess, and cabin manager to provide the finest services. Digital transformation by developing the infrastructure for reservation and sales systems by providing an integrated digital experience, starting from the establishment of reservation to leaving the airport by mobile or through the Saudi website, with continuous development of digital channels and the improvement of after-sales services.
Tash stated that “Saudi Airlines” expanded its international network of stations by adding 15 new destinations and possessing a competitive advantage in the aviation market in the Middle East. The national cadres invested by attracting the best cadres within the Future Pioneers Program specialized in the air transport industry, in addition to its interest in its children. Scholarships for the “Your Job Scholarship” program.
The Assistant Director General of Saudi Airlines for Communication stated that Saudi Airlines launched the service of Saudi ambassadors at Jeddah and Riyadh airports with the concept of Saudi hospitality, the latest fundamental improvement in the guest experience by receiving first-class and business guests, assisting them in completing travel procedures, as well as accompanying them and providing all services in the Al-Fursan lounge. , Pointing out that all these programs and plans were the reason for Saudi Arabia to enter the list of five-star airlines by APEX.
The Assistant Director General of Saudi Airlines for Communication indicated that “Saudi Airlines” is a strategic partner with the Ministry of Tourism through global marketing of tourist cities and new projects, linking those cities and projects with international and local trips, and a partner with the Ministry of Culture by working jointly with all bodies to highlight the Kingdom’s culture. In all its spectrums, it is also a partner with the Ministry of Sports by sponsoring the most important international championships for all kinds of sports.
Tash stressed that the Saudi partnership also included the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah by providing digital products that facilitate the pilgrim and the pilgrim to reach the holy sites with minimal effort and the fastest time, and it has a partnership with the Ministry of Transport to work on achieving the strategic goals that will make the Kingdom a global logistical center, and also a partner for the Entertainment Authority from Through marketing the events and seasons throughout the year and presenting them in an integrated manner to the guest, including tickets, accommodation and participation in events.
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