Saudi Arabia joins the United States, Canada, Norway and Qatar to establish the “Zero Neutrality Forum”


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Saudi Arabia joins the United States, Canada, Norway and Qatar to establish


The Saudi Ministry of Energy announced that the Kingdom will join the United States, Canada, Norway and Qatar, to establish a new forum, the “Zero Neutrality Producers Forum.”

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The forum is a platform for oil and gas producing countries to discuss how to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change, of which one of its goals is to bring emissions to the level of zero neutrality.

An official source from the Saudi Ministry of Energy affirmed that “climate change is a challenge to the whole world, and that the Kingdom is committed to fully implementing the Paris Agreement, which takes into account the rights and duties of states, focuses on their own national conditions, and acknowledges that there are different national methods and strategies to reduce and eliminate emissions for this reason.” The Kingdom called for the adoption of a circular carbon economy, which represents a comprehensive, integrated, inclusive and realistic approach that works on managing emissions.

The source pointed out that “the general objective of the Paris Agreement is to strengthen the global response in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, and in order to achieve this, there must be a comprehensive methodology that takes into account the different national and regional conditions.”

“Canada, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United States, which together represent 40% of global oil and gas production, will meet to form a cooperative forum that will develop practical strategies to bring emissions to zero neutrality, including limiting methane emissions,” said a joint statement by the forum members. And enhancing the circular carbon economy approach, developing and disseminating clean energy technologies, carbon capture and storage, diversifying sources of income that do not depend on hydrocarbon revenues, and other measures that are compatible with the national conditions of each country.

The official source added, “The Kingdom is one of the strongest supporters of the role that technology and innovation play in efforts to reduce and eliminate emissions, and to help the world achieve the goal of zero neutrality, and reaching this difficult goal will require the cooperation of all members of the international community on all possible solutions.”

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