Saudi Arabia found an alternative to the alliance with Israel


Saudi Arabia found an alternative to the alliance with Israel


Under the above heading, Igor Sobotin wrote, in “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, about Riyadh’s progress on the path of normalization with Tehran, and the decline in Israel’s chances of mobilizing Arabs against Iran.

The article stated:Sources told the “Financial Times” newspaper that Iran and Saudi Arabia are undertaking direct talks, with Iraqi mediation.

During the first round of consultations that took place on April 9, the Saudi delegation was headed by the head of the General Intelligence Service, Khaled bin Ali Al-Humaidan. Iraqi officials confirmed the meeting to the “Financial Times”. An official, who declined to be named, said Baghdad was determined to reconcile the two countries. A Financial Times source reminded that the Iraqi side had previously achieved successes in “facilitating communications” between Iran, Egypt, Iran and Jordan. He added that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi “personally wants to play a role in turning Iraq into a bridge between the rival countries.”

Reportedly, one of the items on the agenda of the Iran-Saudi talks was the de-escalation in Yemen.

It is not unlikely that the sensitivity of Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure (to strikes) influenced Saudi Arabia’s decision to negotiate with Iran face to face. However, it was clear that the main factor that influenced the Saudis’ decision was the willingness of US President Joseph Biden’s administration to bring Iran back to the negotiating table and restore the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in order to reduce tensions in the Middle East.

What is interesting is how Israel will respond to the Iran-Saudi talks. After a series of peace agreements with Arab countries that were launched through Trump’s mediation, the Jewish state authorities have repeatedly expressed their desire to establish formal relations with Saudi Arabia, stressing the need for full interaction in the face of the “Iranian threat.” Israeli analysts believe that direct dialogue between Tehran and Riyadh nullifies this argument now. Perhaps the success of the dialogue in Baghdad means that the Israeli efforts against Iran, militarily and diplomatically, will no longer enjoy broad support in the Middle East. The Arab countries chose dialogue.

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