Saudi Arabia detects a ballistic missile as the crescent of Ramadan!


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The Yemeni armed forces announced the implementation of Operation Thirty of Sha’ban, which targeted Aramco’s refineries in the areas of Jeddah and Jubail, and important sites in the depths of the Saudi enemy. And it reiterated that its operations are continuing and escalating as long as the aggression and siege continue.

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General “Yahya Saree”, said in a statement that Operation Thirty of Shaban was carried out by 17 drones and a ballistic missile.

Brigadier General Saree stated that the operation targeted Aramco’s refineries in the Jeddah and Jubail regions with 10 drones of the Samad 3 type, and sensitive military sites in the Khamis Mushait and Jizan areas were also targeted with 5 drones of the type 2K bomber and two ballistic missiles of the Badr 1 type.

Brigadier General Saree indicated that the scientific thirtieth of Sha`ban continued from yesterday evening until dawn today, Monday, and has successfully achieved its objectives, thanks to God.

The navigation radars revealed that flights were suspended in the airspace of a number of Saudi cities due to the qualitative operation of the Sana’a forces in the depths of Saudi Arabia, which targeted the Aramco oil refineries in Jeddah and a number of Saudi military sites in Jizan, Khamis and Mushait with a number of drones and ballistic missiles.

It is expected that the suspension of navigation traffic will lead to great losses in the Saudi air transport sector and heavy fines are imposed on Saudi airports, which will double the Saudi predicament, especially with the large losses in the field of energy due to the great damage to the Saudi oil giant as a result of the Sana’a operations.

Activists on social media have blessed the operation and renewed their support for the Yemeni forces and the popular committees, and the activists indicated that Saudi Arabia is receiving the penalty for its aggression against Yemen and that its air defense systems have become completely incapable of stopping or protecting its strategic sites and facilities.

Activists ridiculed the position of Saudi Arabia, which instead of monitoring the crescent moon of the blessed month of Ramadan, it detected the ballistic missile that destroyed important sites in Saudi Arabia and inflicted heavy losses on them.

“Hala” wrote through her account on the social networking site Twitter: “# Yemen has disciplined # Saudi Arabia, these moments are sporadic attacks in the depth …”.


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