Saudi Arabia: Corona caused the closure of 700 mosques within 72 days


The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs announced that, during the past 72 days, 700 mosques across the Kingdom had been closed, after cases of Corona virus appeared among the ranks of worshipers.

The ministry said in a statement that, as of Tuesday, it had closed 23 temporary mosques in 7 regions after 23 cases of the virus were confirmed among the ranks of the worshipers, noting that the total of what was closed within 72 days reached 700 mosques, announcing the opening of 644 of them after the completion of the sterilization and the completion of the readiness.

She explained that among the closed mosques, 11 mosques in the Riyadh region, 11 cases were reported, 6 mosques in Al-Qassim region, two mosques in the Eastern Province, and a mosque in Asir, Al-Baha, Al-Jawf and Jizan.

The ministry indicated that 16 mosques have been reopened, ten of them in Riyadh region, two in Jazan region, and a mosque in each of the regions of Al-Baha, Al-Jawf, Asir and the northern borders, after completing all precautionary measures of sterilization and maintenance.

And the Saudi Ministry of Health announced earlier Tuesday that the total number of injuries in the Kingdom reached 407010 cases, while the total number of deaths reached 6846 cases.


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