Samsung introduces a new wireless keyboard


The South Korean company “Samsung” has launched a new wireless keyboard designed to develop the services of the DeX platform, and make it more user-friendly, user-friendly and flexible with its users.

Dex, launched by Samsung in 2017, allows select Samsung phones and tablets to display a desktop-like interface on top of the Android system with framed apps.

Although it received new features and updates with later releases of phones, it has not yet become the true alternative to the desktop as Samsung initially offered.

Samsung named the keyboard Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 and put it up for sale on its website before launching it in more regions.

The wireless keyboard looks similar to Apple’s Magic Keyboard, and it can keep three saved connections, so there’s no need to re-pair every time you want to switch devices.

Samsung has also added three shortcut keys, “Secondary Function Via F1, F2, and F3”, which can open a specific application when pressed.

The shortcut functions only work across smartphones and tablets from Galaxy with the One UI 3.1 update released since March 2021, and the F12 key can start DeX mode with one click.

The wireless keyboard also requires two AAA batteries for power, and there are no rechargeable battery cells here.


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