Saber al-Rubai reveals the advice given to him by the late Sayed Makkawi


Thursday, April 8, 2021 01:11 AM

The artist, Saber Al-Rubai, said that when he first came to Egypt, it was the year 92, the year of the earthquake, and at that time they lived in the Obour buildings, and when the earthquake happened, they all went down from their homes and he had to go up again 11 floors to get passports, and after the earthquake they lived a difficult period. The first time he entered a cinema in Egypt was for “Shams El-Zinaty” at the Sphinx cinema.

And Saber Al-Rubaei continued while hosting the Sahranin program presented by the star Amir Karara and broadcast on the on channel: “The artist Sayed Makkawi sent me a message over the phone, where he said to him:“ Aasaber, I am conscious of eating harisa because you are thwarting your voice, and he was referring to harissa here, so as not to affect me. My voice, “and on his testimony of the late artist Warda in his right that it is one of the best voices, he said:” It is a testimony that I am proud of and I am unable to speak about a rose, so any artist wishes his songs will be immortalized as Warda immortalized them. ”

“My relationship with a rose was an artistic and human relationship, and she was always keen to attend my concerts if she was in the same country, and I remember at one of the concerts that happened to be the day of her birth and we celebrated her, and we were supposed to sing a duet together, but because of her illness, this did not happen, and I sang it after that.” She switched her words from a rose. ”

It is noteworthy that Saber Al-Rubaei released a new clip at the beginning of the year entitled “Al-Mutaf”, the song was written by Karim Al-Iraqi, composed by musician Talal, and the music was distributed by Michel Fadel and supervised by Khaled Abu Munther, and the clip was directed by Walid Nassif, and filmed in Beirut, where the filming continued for three days. .

Source : Culture and art: Saber Al-Rubai reveals advice given to him by the late Sayed Makkawi


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