Saba Mubarak has been fighting “depression” for 3 years


Oman – Jordanian actress Saba Mubarak announced that she has been fighting depression for 3 years.
During her speech in a TV interview, Mubarak said that psychological crises are not simple, and resorting to a psychiatrist is very important because overcoming them is difficult.
She indicated that many of the celebrities who are in the spotlight see that talking about their psychological fatigue is something that is not correct to say, but she decided to talk about what she went through for the first time in order to educate people and support those who suffer like her from any disease or mental illness.
She explained that she had suffered from accumulations since childhood and difficulties in life, which led to her affliction with an uneasy type of depression, and that she had to evade it or face it with all courage and chose to confront it in order to get rid of it.
She indicated that the stars are keen to publish their happy photos and beautiful moments on social media, stressing that people have a right to know that they, like others, are going through moments of weakness and fatigue.
Meanwhile, Mubarak decided not to take medicine, confront the disease through specific exercises, understand herself more and avoid issues that lead to despair and sadness, in addition to the family support that she got from her family and her son.
It is noteworthy that the Jordanian actress, Saba Mubarak, began her association with art through her mother, the actress, Hanan Al-Agha, and her aunt, the actress, Haifa Al-Agha. .- (Agencies)


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