Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, who has been on hunger strike for three weeks, is “very weak” and is not receiving “medical attention.”


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                Lawyers for Alexei Navalny, who have been on hunger strike since March 31, said that the most prominent opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin is "very weak" and that he is not receiving good "medical care", demanding his transfer to Moscow.  A team of doctors, including Navalny's personal physician, Anastasia Vasilieva, went Tuesday morning to his new detention camp, but were again prevented from seeing him.

                                    <p>Lawyers announced <a target="_blank" href="أوروبا/20210419-الاتحاد-الأوروبي-يحمل-روسيا-مسؤولية-الوضع-الصحي-لنافالني-وإدارة-السجون-تعلن-نقله-إلى-المستشفى" rel="noopener"><strong>Alexei Navalny</strong></a>  The Russian dissident who has been on hunger strike for three weeks is "very weak" and is not receiving good "medical care", demanding that he be transferred to a civilian health center in the capital, Moscow.

Attorney Olga Mikhailova told reporters outside the prison hospital on Tuesday afternoon that he had become “very weak” and “had difficulty talking and sitting.” Her statement came after a team of doctors went between them Navalny, MD Special Anastasia Vasilieva Tuesday morning to the new detainee but they were prevented again from seeing him.

Mikhailova, who was allowed in with another lawyer, said that Navalny The 44-year-old agreed to take the glucose drops he was given on Sunday, but they indicated that the nurses had failed several times to find his vein, which is evidence that the prison hospital is not up to this task.

“He must be transferred to a civilian hospital in Moscow.”

And she continued, “He must be transferred to a civil hospital in Moscow in order for him to receive all the necessary help so that he does not die here.”

Since the beginning of the month, a team of doctors has been trying to see the most prominent opponent of President Vladimir Putin, after he began a hunger strike on March 31 in prison, to demand adequate medical treatment for his health problems.

In a post on Instagram on Tuesday, the opposition’s mother, Lyudmila Navalnaya, called on the authorities to “allow independent civilian doctors to see Alexei.”

Navalny’s team calls for a demonstration Wednesday to coincide with Putin’s annual speech

Navalny’s team called on supporters to demonstrate across the country on Wednesday, coinciding with Putin’s annual speech. On Tuesday, he said that protests would take place in more than 100 cities across the country, while officials in Moscow said they had rejected the team’s request to hold a protest in the capital due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Allies of the anti-corruption opposition, who has long been subject to police raids and arrests, are facing increasing pressure from authorities ahead of the protests.

Navalny’s team said on Twitter Tuesday that police had searched their offices in the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia and had arrested their coordinator in the city of Kurgan in the Urals.

He added that orders were issued to detain another person in the (southern) city of Volgograd for a period of 25 days. “They have started jailing our coordinators because of a rally that hasn’t happened yet,” the team wrote on Twitter.

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