Russia imposes a $ 12 million fine on “Apple” … Why?


After a complaint from the cybersecurity company “Kaspersky Lab”, the Russian Federal Antitrust Authority fined Apple.

  • A $ 12 million fine on a company
    $ 12 million fine on “Apple” company

Today, Tuesday, the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Authority imposed a fine on Apple of $ 12 million for “restricting competition in the app store.”

The case against the US company “Apple” began in September 2019 after a complaint from the cybersecurity company, “Kaspersky Lab”, regarding Apple’s exploitation of its dominant position in smart mobile applications.

In 2020, the Russian Authority obligated the American company to stop violations that restrict competition in the market for mobile devices applications on the “iOS” system, according to the authority’s statement.

The Russian Federal Antitrust Authority concluded that the US company had misused its dominant position in the mobile app market on the “iOS” system.

The order should have been implemented by November 30, 2020, but its implementation has been suspended due to the resumption of the case by the court.

The company commented, “We have worked with Kaspersky Lab to help them align their apps with child protection policies in the App Store. Currently, this developer has 13 apps on the App Store, and we have processed and released hundreds of updates for them.”


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