Russia arrests Ukraine’s consul in St. Petersburg for “receiving classified information”


Troops from the Federal Security Agency of Russia. Archival photo

Photo released, Getty Images

The Russian Federal Security Agency announced on Saturday that it had arrested the Ukrainian consul in Saint Petersburg. The Federal Security Service said that “Alexander Susunyuk” was arrested on Friday “red-handed while receiving classified information from a Russian citizen.”

The security agency, which is the heir to the former KGB, said that this information included information from the agency’s database and databases of other law enforcement agencies. She added that measures in line with international law would be applied to the diplomat “due to activity that was clearly hostile to Russia.”

The agency added in a statement that “such activity is inconsistent with its diplomatic status, and is of a clearly hostile nature towards the Russian Federation.”

In recent years, Russia has arrested a number of Ukrainian citizens on suspicion of espionage, but the arrest of a diplomat is rare.


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