Rogina suffers a severe injury in the face … she almost lost her eye !!


The Egyptian actress, Rogina, suffered a severe injury to her face while filming an action scene in her Ramadan series, which is currently showing “Bint Al Sultan”, which necessitated her transfer to the hospital for treatment.

Rogina published on her own page on Instagram a picture of her injury, which showed its seriousness, especially as it was close to her eye.

I attached the picture to a comment in which she said: “Praise be to God, God forbid and what he will do. I thank all my colleagues who have checked on me. I thank Sabreen, my authentic sister who has photographed her and evacuated the hospital. I thank all the fans who were worried about me. Thank you, my little family who is always next to me, and my big artistic family, thank you for all this love. “


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