Rigid dance … Mai Omar Hetorik, who did not see you: a video that makes the mind crazy


Beirut – Thoraya Shaheen – recently re-accounts interested in news of art and celebrities, via Social Media, publishing a video clip by Egyptian artist Mai Omar, from one of her series, in which she appeared dancing with great boldness.

The re-publication of Mai Omar’s dance link, in which she appeared to boldly shake her buttocks, coincided with the end of the show of the episodes of her new series “Lu’lu”, which received a large audience, in the Arab world.

On the other hand, the Egyptian actress, Mai Omar, revealed her painful experience with her father’s illness, at the age of twenty.

During her episode with the artist Ahmed Zahir, Mai Omar explained on the program “Frankly with” on the mbc channel, that she “was surprised one day that her father had had a liver hemorrhage, which required a liver transplant within a maximum period of six months, so they tried to find a place for the transplantation to take place quickly. Because this process requires staying on waiting lists in hospitals for a long time.

And she continued that she traveled with her parents to China, where they settled on the place of the operation, and they lived in the hospital for a full eight months, in psychological suffering, during which she learned the Chinese language in order to be able to read the analyzes and medical reports, and it was her responsibility to hide any negative result from her father. So that his psyche is not affected, and thus his immunity is affected.

It is noteworthy that May Omar recently presented the series “Louloua”, which is from her story, script and dialogue of Muhammad Mahran, directed by Muhammad Abdel Salam, supervised by the writing and direction of Muhammad Sami, and co-starred by Ahmed Zahir, Nermin Al-Feki, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Naglaa Badr, Edward.

Mohamed Yousif

Mohamed Yousif

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