Report: iPad Pro may face restrictions at launch due to production issues


Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro is facing display restrictions at launch due to production issues, according to a Bloomberg report by the verege. Apple company Facing a problem with declining manufacturing revenue for the new small LED display rumored to be the main feature of the new 12.9in model One of the manufacturers is reported to have temporarily halted production.

The Nikkei reported last week that production iPad It was delayed due to a shortage of displays and display components, although the post did not specify which models were targeted.

According to Bloomberg, the new iPad Pro lineup is still expected to be announced later this month.

However it is possible that the larger model may have a later shipping date, as the report says that the smaller model will not use the Mini LED display but other upgrades across the line include a faster processor similar in strength to the M1 chip in Apple’s new Macs, as well as an upgraded USB-C port And better cameras.


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