Report / businesswoman puts the Saudi footprint in international forums, the Saudi Press Agency


Dammam, Ramadan 17, 1442 AH, corresponding to April 29, 2021 AD, SPA
Prepared by: Muhammad Jleih, Photo by: Sami Al-Ghamdi.
Saudi women have made their mark in local and international forums, and have reserved a place in the first rows with their scientific, economic and humanitarian achievements, and as a result they carried the highest titles, and won the most important decorations, until they became the focus of the world’s attention, prompting them to support and trust the wise leadership by activating its role as a partner in building the nation In its various sectors and apparatus.
Entrepreneur Abeer Al-Jaleh tells the story of her success that started after her graduation stage, through managing a package of special and varied projects in the fields of photography, “video” and thermal printing, which she started from 2002 AD, until working in the field of artistic production and content industry in 2011. .
Al-Jaleh did not stop at the limits of its participation in international and Arab forums, programs and festivals in the fields of media and economy in America, France, Belgium, Germany, Tunisia, Egypt and others, but rather entered the field of organizing exhibitions and conferences, and implementing a set of national initiatives to support the investment sector in the content industry and the commercial sector since a year ago. 2015 until now, and I also participated in the International Visitor Program in America 2016.
Among the most prominent festivals in which she participated were the mip tv festival in Cannes in France, the discope in Turkey, and the Arab Radio and Television Unions in Tunisia and others, with her participation in a historical “fantasy” artwork for children entitled “The Keys of Time” which won the gold award in the World Cup of Artworks in Cairo, in addition to To her leadership as Executive Director of the Artistic Production Exhibition “Saudi Prodex” for the entertainment, cinematic, television and radio content industry in Riyadh, February 2020.
She was also honored at the Bride of the Sea Festival in Tunis as President of the International Media Artistic Union in the Kingdom, for her support of the media and culture. By organizing the first media forum for artistic production, and forging a strategic partnership between the International Festival of Art Production; And the International Federation of Media and Arts, which was held in Riyadh 2018, in addition to managing the magazine “Gulf Economy”, which is the most important magazines affiliated with the Federation of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
She referred to the past period and the difficulty and fatigue in the industry of women themselves through searching for information, learning, and the effort exerted, unlike the present in which information is available, the ease of searching for it, obtaining consultations, and the increase in opportunities, noting the state’s keenness to support entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs, and encouraging the sector The private sector, which is one of the pillars of the economy and vision, and the high potential the country is witnessing, progress in various technical and digital sectors and sectors, support in financing, training, guidance, and programs, noting the efforts of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises in supporting the private sector.
She praised the unlimited capabilities of young men and women in the country, including creativity, development and diversity in projects, excellence and high competition in sectors and activities, by providing the best, which reflects the image that the country seeks to achieve, noting the support and contribution of the franchise in supporting the private sector, and opening it doors Mission for awarding successful projects, linking sectors, directing entrepreneurs and helping them to work in a more organized manner.
She emphasized that the decisions to empower women are an important step for Saudi women, to launch, excel and lead in their work and life, as the doors are open to all, and the state – may God protect her – has empowered women. To be the owner of a prominent leadership role, as it did not set conditions, restrictions or obstacles in front of it, but rather removed them, reflecting on what women do, and highlighting their creative and administrative role in all sectors.
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