Renaissance Dam: Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok invites his Egyptian and Ethiopian counterparts for a tripartite summit to heal the dispute


AlNahda dam

Photo released, Reuters

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Egypt confirmed the rejection of any unilateral measures taken by Ethiopia in the dam issue

The Sudanese Prime Minister called on his Egyptian and Ethiopian counterparts to hold a summit within 10 days, to assess negotiations on the Renaissance Dam after reaching a dead end, the official news agency in Sudan reported on Tuesday.

The Sudanese News Agency reported that Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok called for holding a summit “to agree and discuss possible options to move forward in these negotiations, and to renew the political commitment between the three countries in order to reach an agreement in a timely manner, in line with the agreement of principles stance between the three parties on March 23 / March 2015. ‘

The dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia revolves around the period of filling and how to operate the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the course of the Nile River.

And Ethiopia announced a few days ago that the second filling phase of the Renaissance Dam will take place on schedule in the next rainy season, and has expressed its willingness to exchange information about the filling process with Egypt and Sudan.


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