Reforms and financial auditing are among the first tasks of the new government


Beirut / Wasim Seif Al-Din / Anatolia

On Wednesday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that one of the government’s anticipated tasks is “to implement reforms and pursue the issue of criminal financial auditing.”

This came during Aoun’s reception at the Presidential Palace, east of Beirut, the chief adviser to the British Ministry of Defense for Middle East affairs, General Martin Sampson, and his accompanying delegation.

A statement by the Lebanese Presidency, seen by the Anadolu Agency correspondent, said that Aoun emphasized that “one of the first tasks of the new government will be to implement reforms and follow up on the issue of criminal financial auditing.”

And he considered that “these steps are essential, because they restore international confidence in Lebanon, especially the confidence of the financial funds that will help it implement the economic recovery plan.”

The forensic accounting audit of the accounts of the Central Bank of Lebanon and state institutions is one of the requirements for Lebanon’s negotiation with the International Monetary Fund to support the country, and within the conditions set by the fund to proceed in the path of economic and financial reform, according to observers.

The statement indicated that Sampson’s visit came to learn about the situation in Lebanon and the Lebanese-British cooperation in all fields, especially the military field.

He thanked Aoun Sampson for the assistance provided by his country in securing the eastern and northern borders. Among them, “the construction of towers and border control centers, which have reached 79 towers so far, in addition to mobile surveillance systems and armored cars, and training and specialization courses.”

And earlier this year, Britain offered the Lebanese Army a gift of 100 armored patrol vehicles.

For more than a year, Lebanon has been suffering the worst economic crisis since the end of the 1990 civil war, as the value of the lira collapsed against the dollar, and depositors face great difficulties in withdrawing their money from banks.

Due to differences between President Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, Lebanon is unable to form a government that succeeds the caretaker government headed by Hassan Diab, which resigned on August 10, 6 days after a catastrophic explosion in the port of Beirut.

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