Real Madrid stands firmly against Liverpool and eliminates it from the quarter-finals


Real Madrid continued its campaign to regain the European Champions League title, which it has been absent from for three years, after snatching a goalless draw with a taste of victory from the stadium of its host Liverpool, England, on Wednesday, in the second leg of the continental competition.

Real benefited from its 3-1 victory over Liverpool in the first-leg match that took place in the Spanish capital Madrid last week, to win the pass to the golden square in the tournament that holds the record for the number of wins with 13 titles.

Despite Liverpool’s possession of the ball in most of the periods, but it failed to exploit the absences that the Real had suffered from, which lacked the services of many of its stars, especially the captain Sergio Ramos, Eden Hazard, Raphael Varane and Danny Carvajal, and was unable to score, after his players competed in wasting the opportunities they had. Over the course of the ninety minutes, the red team failed to avenge its loss 1-3 against its Spanish counterpart in the final of the 2018 tournament.

By farewell to the Champions League, Liverpool left the current season empty-handed, after failing to win the FA Cup and the League of Professional Clubs Cup, in addition to being away from the competition for the Premier League title, which currently bears its title.

On the other hand, Real will be on a date with another English confrontation in the golden box of the tournament, to which he has returned since crowning his last title in the championship, where he meets Chelsea, who ousted Portuguese in the quarter-finals on Tuesday.


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