Real Madrid president: The fall of the European Super League is very sad


Real Madrid president Florentino Perez revealed his opinion about the reasons for the rapid deterioration of the European Super League championship project, after the withdrawal of 10 clubs hours after its launch.
Perez said in an interview with the Spanish network “Sir”: “I am a little sad and frustrated, because we have been working on this project for 3 years, and we realize that we can fight against this economic situation in Spanish football, and the League cannot be touched, because it is part of history, The Champions League system is outdated and old and receives attention only from the quarter-finals round, before this there is no interest, and last season these clubs lost 600 million euros, which means that this system does not work.

He added: “I have never seen such aggressiveness in my life as happened in the past days, as if it was a deliberate thing, and when we announced the possibility of seeing the president of UEFA or FIFA, no one answered us. There were threats and reprimands, as if we had killed football, ”according to the Spanish“ AS ”.

Regarding the withdrawal of English clubs from the European Super League, Perez explained: “What happened was complicated, and it is difficult to explain, but there was an English club that was not very interested in the tournament, and this caused contagion to the rest. There is a club that was not convinced in any way, but signed an agreement. He is obligated, and in the end they said that they will withdraw. ”


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