Real Madrid deserves to win the “LaLiga” title


Real Madrid is the strongest in the “El Clasico”. Why does the “Merengue” seem more worthy than “Barca” and Atletico Madrid to win the “LaLiga” title this season?

  • There are many reasons that confirm Real Madrid's worthiness in the title
    There are many reasons that confirm Real Madrid’s worthiness in the title

Real Madrid is at the top of the Spanish Football League, in the thirtieth stage of the “LaLiga”, after its victory in “El Clasico” against Barcelona, ​​2-1, at its stadium “Alfredo Di Stefano”, and it will be able to maintain the lead with 66 points if Atletico Madrid lost the second (66 points as well) to Betis, today, Sunday, while Barca came third with 65 points.

Thus, after the “Rojiblancos” was far away and the “Merengue” was suffering, here is Zinedine Zidane’s team temporarily in the lead now.

It is true that talk about the title is still early, with 8 rounds remaining until the end of the season, and in light of the intense competition for the first place between the two Madrid and Catalan teams, but it can be said that Real Madrid deserves to win the title this season, and this is for several reasons.

Outperforming the results among the Big Three

It is worth saying, first of all, that Real Madrid is the only one in the competition with Atletico Madrid and Barcelona that has completely outperformed these two teams this season; As the “Merengue” beat “Barca” in its stronghold “Camp Nou” by 3-1 before yesterday’s 2-1 victory at home, and Zidane’s team defeated “The Rojiblancos” in the first leg at home, 2-0 in A match in which the “Merengue” was going through a difficult time at the local and continental levels in the European Champions League, before it tied at “Wanda Metropolitano” with a score of 1-1 after being trailed by 0-1, meaning that in its confrontations with its rivals for the title, Real Madrid won With 3 matches for a draw and without any loss, and this result proves his eligibility for the title, as the matches between these three teams show who is the stronger team.

The character of the hero

In addition, Real Madrid has shown that it is a team distinguished by the character of the champion, and this is confirmed by winning matches despite the suffering and injuries in its ranks, as the team plays until the last second in its matches and has won many matches in the last moments. Real Madrid always proves that it is a team that knows how to reach victory, regardless of the difficulties it faces, such as its 2-0 victory over Atletico Madrid, and days before that match against Seville 1-0 at home, at a time when criticism and pressure were facing him and he was suffering in ” LaLiga ”and was close to leaving the group stage of the Champions League.

Stability despite absences

An important issue also is the large number of injuries in Real Madrid this season and from which most of its players have suffered. It suffices to talk here only about the Belgian Eden Hazar, who did not benefit the team this season, as well as Sergio Ramos, bearing in mind that the “Merengue” fought the “Clasico” yesterday without my heart. His main defense is Ramos and Rafael Varane, but despite that, the team is unmoved and knows how to win matches.

Experience with major challenges

One of the main features in Real Madrid this season is the element of experience in its ranks, as many of its most prominent players have over 30 years, such as Ramos, Karim Benzema, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, but their influence is still the most prominent in the team and in the leadership of the rest of the players, so Benzema was brilliant this season with his goals He scored yesterday in the “El Clasico” after a long absence, and the two croos – Modric proved again that he is the best. These two stars, together with Brazilian Casemiro, are the main strength in the “Merengue”, noting that Kroos was chosen yesterday as the best player in the “El Clasico” and scored a goal that is the first. For him in front of Barcelona and Real Madrid’s first in the “El Clasico” from a fixed kick since the goal of former Brazilian star Roberto Carlos in 2000, and Modric scored a goal in “El Clasico” back in “Camp Nou”.

Zidane’s presence

Again, Zidane is proving his competence, in particular In his leadership of the team in the most difficult times and under great pressureAnd this is what happened during the period when his team was suffering just before the mid-season in the “LaLiga” and the Champions League. Many criticisms were directed at Zidane and there were reports about the possibility of his dismissal, but this coach, as every time, responds on the field and he leads Real Madrid to the top. (Waiting for the Atlético match today) as well as his brilliance in the Champions League, where he managed to skip the group stage after he was close to exit, and then knocked out Italian atalanta from the round of 16 and now he is close to qualifying for the semi-finals after his 3-0 victory over Liverpool 1, in addition to Zidane’s complete supremacy this season over Dutchman Ronald Koeman and Argentine Diego Simeone in the “LaLiga”.

It is true that talking about the title is still early and all possibilities are available, but Real Madrid seems worthy of the title if it won, and if it does not do so, it also deserves to be “the uncrowned champion”.


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