Ramez Jalal is accused of harassing the dancer, Lordiana


Khaberni – Lawyer Tareq Al-Awadi sparked controversy after accusing artist Ramez Jalal of harassing the dancer, Lourdiana.

Al-Awadi wrote through his account on “Facebook”: “What Ramez Jalal said and did with the dancer Lordiana (harassment), and such matters must be taken into account in all programs, series and movies !?”

And Lordiana was a guest in the third episode of the program “Ramez Aklh Flar”, with the festivals singer Hamo Beca, and during the mastermind of the two stars, Ramez Jalal was shooting at the victims of his program from behind them without seeing him while they were performing one of the games in the amusement park, and before Ramez directed a pistol. Games against the body of our lords, commenting: “This is the best blow of my life.”


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