Rahaf Al-Qunun: I receive messages from women seeking to flee Saudi Arabia due to persecution


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Saudi refugee and activist, Rahaf Al-Qanun, revealed that she receives a lot of messages from women trying to flee their country due to persecution.

Al-Qanoun said on her Twitter page: “I receive many messages from women trying to flee their countries because of persecution,” she said.

When one of her followers asked her about the country she refers to in her tweet, Al-Qanoun said of the women who communicate with her: “They are from Saudi Arabia,” she said.

The young Saudi woman left Kuwait (her family’s country of residence) in 2018 and applied for asylum in Canada in 2019 and obtained asylum in the same year, to travel from Thailand to Canada, where she resides until now.

Al-Qunun was attacked sharply by Saudi tweeters because of her views on some religious and social issues, while others welcomed what she did.


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