Ragheb Alama reveals a secret: I visited Sabah to buy her house and it surprised me because of the sale


The superstar Ragheb Alama was a guest on the “Biography” program with the Egyptian journalist Wafa Al Kilani, and spoke about the late artist Sabah, describing her as “the empress.”

Ragheb Alama recounted that the Aley area was the destination of his family to spend the summer, where the Shahrura used to live in Sabah, and when she sometimes walked on the road in full elegance and decency, he used to see her in his childhood as an empress walking among the trees.

“To get close to her, I had to deliver some items from the supermarket to her home. I could feel the great aura of her stardom,” he added.

Days passed, and Ragheb Alama made his way to stardom, but admits that he felt sad about her in her last days, saying, “She was a generous person, but in her last days she found herself alone.”

“I read the news of the sale of her house, thinking that the reason is financial need, so I decided to visit her and told her: It is not right for you to leave your house, I will buy it and you will stay in it. She replied: I grew up and because of the space of my house it fell into the bathroom. I want to live in a small room inside a hotel. Because the house is too old for me and I am alone. ”

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