Queen Elizabeth stands alone, the body of her husband and her “support” being buried (photos)


Queen Elizabeth of Britain cast a farewell look at the body of her husband, Prince Philip, today (Saturday), at a ceremony that celebrated his seven decades of service and gave his two grandsons Prince William and Harry the first opportunity to speak together publicly since allegations of racism threw the royal family into a deep crisis, according to Reuters. »For news.

The queen, who waved in black, stood alone as she watched the lowering of her husband’s coffin in the royal crypt of St George’s Chapel dating back to 1475 at a ceremony attended by senior members of the royal family, including the heir to the throne Prince Charles.

At the end of the funeral, Prince Harry, who had come from the United States to participate in it, went to his brother William and his wife Kate and spoke with them.

This is the first time that the two brothers have spoken publicly since Harry and his wife Megan gave an interview that made a huge bang with Oprah Winfrey last month, and that crisis came while Prince Philip was in hospital.

Philip, known officially as the Duke of Edinburgh, died on April 9, at the age of 99, and in 1997 the Queen described Philip as a source of “her strength and support” throughout their decades-long marriage.

The prince’s navy hat and his sword were placed over his coffin and decorated with a wreath of white roses worn by the 94-year-old queen.

Philip’s coffin was transported to the church in a green military vehicle amid artillery fire.

Philip, who married Elizabeth in 1947, helped the young queen adapt the monarchy to the changing world of the post-World War II era in the face of the challenges faced by the world’s most prominent royal family after the empire’s loss and declining status.

Harry and William

Queen Elizabeth has become a widow as she grapples with one of the most serious crises the royal family has faced in decades, allegations of racism and neglect echoed by Harry and Meghan, his US-born wife.

During the TV interview last month, the couple, who announced they were giving up their royal duties and moving to California, USA last year, revealed their perceptions of the positions of the royal family, which appeared to be a criticism of the old customs and traditions of the establishment.

The couple accused a member of the royal family, without naming him, of making a racist comment, and said the family ignored Megan’s pleas for help when she felt she might commit suicide.

Megan said that “the Foundation” silenced her while Harry said that his father, Charles, refused to answer his calls, and Harry said that both Charles and his brother William were trapped within the royal family.

A limited number participated in the funeral due to restrictions against the Corona virus, and William and his wife Kate and Harry chatted as they walked, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, quickly moved away to allow the two brothers to talk more together, and the details of the dialogue between them could not be heard.


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