Queen Elizabeth is “not in the mood” that allows her to hold a family summit around meeting Winfrey


Queen Elizabeth is “not in the mood” that allows her to hold a family summit around meeting Winfrey

Tuesday – 8 Ramadan 1442 AH – April 20, 2021 AD

Queen Elizabeth II during the funeral of Prince Philip (Reuters)

London: “Middle East Online”

A royal expert confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II “is not in the mood” to allow her to hold a family summit, to discuss the implications of the controversial interview that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle conducted with the American media Oprah Winfrey last month.
The expert and royal biographer Ingrid Seward told the British newspaper, The Times, that it is unlikely that any family summit will take place this week, while Harry is in Britain, because “the Queen is sad and not in the mood to allow her to do so.”
“The Queen is also known to hate confrontation,” Seward said. At the moment you wouldn’t want to talk about anything but matters related to (dogs or horses), her favorite animals, as I remember Sarah Ferguson, the divorcee of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, previously told me that it took the Queen three weeks to discuss Their divorce, as she kept saying: I must take the dogs for a walk.
The fiery remarks in Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey shook the British royal palace. Observers confirmed that the interview triggered an earthquake, reminiscent of what happened during the era of Princess Diana and even the crisis of King Edward VIII stepping down in 1936.
Harry (36 years) and Megan Markle (39 years), who have lived in California for a year, attributed their withdrawal from the royal family to media pressure exerted on them and the racism of the British media, and criticized the family’s lack of understanding of their situation.
They also presented a bleak picture of life in the family, especially when Megan Markle emotionally reported that the family refused to provide psychological help to her after she had the idea of ​​suicide.
Among the most controversial statements was Megan and Harry about a conversation in which an unnamed part of the royal family expressed “concern” about the color of their son Archie during Megan’s pregnancy with him.
Regarding the identity of the “anxious” person about Archie’s complexion, the couple were keen to distance suspicion from Queen Elizabeth and the late Prince Philip.
After the interview was broadcast, Buckingham Palace issued a statement in which Queen Elizabeth expressed her “sorrow” for the hardships Harry and his wife faced, and confirmed that their allegations of racism “will be taken seriously.”
Harry attended the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip, which was held last Saturday at Windsor Castle, while a royal source told the British newspaper “The Sun” that he might delay his return to Los Angeles to attend the Queen’s birthday on Wednesday.
For her part, Megan did not attend the funeral because of her pregnancy. However, her close friend, Omid Scobie, revealed that she had sent a funeral card and a bouquet of flowers to St George’s Church in Windsor, where Prince Philip’s funeral took place.


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