Prince Turki bin Mohammed: Our vision is great and its leader is an inspiring person – Saudi News


The Minister of State and Cabinet Member Prince Turki bin Muhammad bin Fahd commended what was stated in the meeting of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which dealt with the most important achievements 5 years after the launch of Vision 2030.Prince Turki bin Mohammed said: Vision 2030, when it was launched 5 years ago, was a dream that haunted all Saudis, and this dream continued to coexist with us and watch it come true with each passing year, and with the arrival of the fifth year, the vision became part of the life of every Saudi citizen, and it became a sign A difference in our daily life, our economy, our education, our future in particular, and the future of the region in general.

He added: The wisdom and foresight of the Crown Prince was demonstrated through his determination and belief that Vision 2030 would be a major supportive and tributary element to enhance the Kingdom’s position and advance it globally, and this was evident after Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s television meeting, in which he detailed the numbers and indicators that were reflected on the ground and clarified. We have the integrity and health of all the ideas, initiatives and ambitious plans that the vision carried, which had the merit, after God, in sparing the Kingdom from the bad economic impacts that it would have suffered under the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, and the resulting fluctuations in global energy markets and a recession in the global economy.

Prince Turki bin Mohammed affirmed that the Crown Prince’s belief in the Saudi citizen and that it is the main driver of everything that was proposed or that will be presented in the future through Vision 2030 stems from absolute confidence in the ability of the nation’s young men and women to achieve achievements, no matter how difficult it is.

He pointed out that the meeting affirmed solid and solid rules since this country that adheres to the Holy Qur’an established its constitution, and its wise policy that enjoys international respect and appreciation, as well as deals with all countries in accordance with international norms and treaties that preserve the rights of states and protect their interests, stressing that the Kingdom does not accept any Pressure or practices affecting its sovereignty, and at the same time it is keen to build good relations with everyone, especially the surrounding countries.

Prince Turki bin Muhammad bin Fahd concluded his statement by saying: We have a great vision, and its leader is an inspiring figure who always carries on his shoulders work for the elevation of the homeland and the citizen, and we must all work to implement the visions and initiatives that this vision conveys to reach the desired goal and achieve sustainable development in various sectors. He asked the Lord – glory and majesty – to crown the efforts of the Crown Prince with success, and to provide him with his help, success and support.


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