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The makers of the series “Civil War” will resume filming the remaining action scenes, in preparation to compete with it during the Ramadan 2021 race.

Al-Adl Group, the producer of work, launched new posters for the work stars alone, namely the artist Yousra, Basil Khayat, Jamila Awad, Arwa Judeh, Mayan Al-Sayed and Mahmoud Hegazy.

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The commercial promo was recently launched, which is produced by El Adl Group, and it is scheduled to be shown on the cbc channel in Ramadan.





And the promo was dominated by an atmosphere of suspense and excitement, as the events of the series revolve around the story of a woman forced by circumstances to leave her daughter when she was young, so she grew up in the custody of her stepmother, which makes her close to her, and harsh on her real mother.

The series “Civil War” starring Yousra, Basil Khayat, Arwa Judeh, Mayan Al-Sayed, Jamila Awad, Cynthia Khalifa and written by Ahmed Adel, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

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