Plots hatched against us in the Renaissance Dam file


With the failure to reach an agreement on this thorny and unresolved file for years, Ethiopia considered that conspiracies were being hatched against it in the issue of the Renaissance Dam.

The Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation, Seleshi Bikley, said in a series of tweets on his Twitter account today, Sunday, that this dam is the country’s way out of poverty.

He continued, saying, “It has become clear that there is a conspiracy to thwart our efforts and undermine our very existence, so we must all persevere and do our part.”Beckley noted that he “briefed the Ethiopians in Canada on the status of the dam, the negotiations and the work that needs to be done,” andHe said: “Since the Renaissance Dam is our country’s right to develop freely, all Ethiopians should stand together in unity and understanding to face the main challenges, because the dam is our way to learn how to get out of poverty.”

The Ethiopian National Security Council announced yesterday, during its meeting with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, that the country is proceeding with the process of the second filling of the dam as scheduled, which raises the ire of both Cairo and Khartoum, who are afraid of taking this step without consensus between the three countries. Amid Addis Ababa’s refusal to accept a binding agreement in this file.

It is noteworthy that Sudan was hinting on Friday to prosecute Ethiopia if it continued filling in the absence of a tripartite agreement that includes Egypt.

The Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Yasser Abbas, indicated that Ethiopia “objected” to Khartoum’s call to hold a summit with Egypt in mid-April following the failure of the talks sponsored by the African Union at the beginning of the month.

Abbas said in a tweet on Twitter: “Ethiopia objected to the Sudanese Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok’s invitation for a tripartite summit.”

He also warned that if Ethiopia continues to fill, Sudan will “file lawsuits against the Italian executing company and against the Ethiopian government,” explaining that the judicial prosecutions will focus on “the environmental impacts, social impacts and the dangers of the dam.”


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