“Please pray for my mother” … Fifi Abdo’s daughter shocked her audience with a photo of her mother


The artist, Azza Mujahid, posted on her account on the “Instagram” site, a picture of her mother after leaving the operating room, after she was exposed to a medical error, and she appears very ill.

Azza Mujahid, daughter of the artist Fifi, confirmed that her mother was exposed to a severe health condition as a result of a medical error, but she explained that her condition has become stable and will need more time to complete her recovery.

Azza posted on her personal account on “Instagram” the picture of her mother after leaving the operating room, and commented, saying: “Praise be to God, my mother is still out of the operations immediately. Oh God, my recovery will be cured. He does not leave a shed. Please pray to my mother, our Lord, to make her safe.”The Egyptian actress, Vivi Abdo, shocked her fans and friends, Monday morning, by announcing that she had undergone surgery, after her health deteriorated.

In a message from the hospital, Abdo explained, through her account on the “Instagram” social networking site, that she was going through a health crisis caused by a medical error, after receiving a wrong injection in her back, which required her to undergo a two-hour surgery.

Fifi Abdo said in the video clip: “Good evening from Egypt, the mother of the world, every year and you are good to all of you, and God is forbidding and blessing the boy who gave me an injection in my back, which caused me to enter the operations for two hours.”

And she added: “They used to spread rumors about me, but this time I will undergo an operation, while I am in the hospital, pray for me for the right of the holy month, our Lord makes your prayers my share, I thank you very much and make it a blessed month for the whole Arab nation.

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