Perez re-elected president of Real Madrid .. Will he conclude the promised deal?


Perez re-elected president of Real Madrid .. Will he conclude the promised deal?


Businessman Florentino Perez, the only candidate, was elected president of Real Madrid for a sixth term, according to what the capital club announced, and he will remain in office until 2025.

“Only one nomination has been approved by the Electoral Commission under Article 40 of the club’s statute, and Florentino Perez was announced as president,” the royal team said in a statement published today.

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The electoral commission of the Madrid club met today, Tuesday, after the expiration of the Monday deadline set to close the door for submitting applications for nominations for the presidency of Real Madrid.

The list headed by Peres was elected, and the election process ended less than a quarter of an hour after its start, according to the club’s statement.

Perez is betting in his candidacy to finish the restoration work at the team’s “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium, managing the club’s finances in light of the Corona virus pandemic, and concluding a heavy-caliber deal by contracting either with Paris Saint-Germain striker, French Kylian Mbappe, or Borussia Dortmund striker, The Norwegian Erling Haaland.

This state is the fourth in succession to Perez (74 years), and the sixth after he had headed the club in a previous period.

The former businessman, engineer and politician, Perez, was re-elected president of the Royal Club in 2009 after a first pass during an era that included a galactic star in his first term between 2000 and 2006.

He was re-elected by acclamation a second time in 2013, and a third time in June 2017.

In total, Peres, chairman and CEO of the ASC Group for Civil Engineering, has surpassed his 18-year barrier as the chairman of the Merengue.

Source: AFP


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