Perez is president of Real Madrid for a sixth term


Businessman Florentino Perez (74 years) was elected president of Real Madrid for a sixth term, according to what the capital club announced, and he will remain in office until 2025.The “royal” team said in a statement published on Tuesday morning that “only one nomination has been approved by the Electoral Commission under Article 40 of the club’s statute, and Florentino Perez Rodriguez was declared president.” The electoral committee of the Madrid club met on Tuesday after the expiration of the Monday deadline, set to close the door for submitting candidacy applications for the presidency of Real. The list headed by Peres was elected, and the election process ended less than a quarter of an hour after its start, according to the club’s statement. It is the fourth term in succession to Perez and sixth after he was president of the club in a previous period.

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