Perez confirms to proceed with the Super League project … FIFA and UEFA threaten to exclude the participating teams


          Real Madrid president challenges international organizations ... and governments support federations against the domination of wealthy clubs            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>The president of Spanish club Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, continued to challenge him to go ahead with 11 major clubs in Europe to organize the Super League for the elite, at a time when the International and European Federation threatened these teams with expulsion from all competitions.

Six English clubs (Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham), together with Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter and Milan, have announced the launch of a competition that could destroy the European Champions League, and Perez will be its first president.

The clubs decided to separate from the Champions League, in order to play more competitive matches “as soon as possible”, while three founding clubs and five others will join annually.

Perez emphasized that the Qatari-owned Paris Saint-Germain had not been invited to be among the founding clubs.

The Swiss President of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) threatened again yesterday that the dissident clubs calling for the launch of the Super League competition “must bear the consequences of their decisions” as a result of this separation, noting that the world organization is undoubtedly opposed to this project. Meanwhile, the Slovenian president of the European Union, Alexander Severin, appealed to these clubs to return “from their fatal mistake.”

Infantino said: “We at FIFA can only strongly oppose the creation of the Super League. It is a closed league, a split from the current body, from the leagues, from the national federations, from UEFA and from FIFA.

“It is our duty to protect the European sport model, and therefore if a group decides to go its way, it must bear the consequences of its choices,” he said. She is responsible for her choices. Either you are inside the system or outside, you cannot be between. Think about the subject, this matter must be clear, completely clear ». He explained, “The rise and fall in the leagues is a model that has been crowned with success, while the new project (closed),” where the participating clubs guarantee their energy every season instead of competing to qualify through their local championships.

On the other hand, Severin considered that there is still time to change these clubs ’opinion, and addressed them by saying:“ You have made a huge mistake, but the whole world is making mistakes. The European Union cannot lose the next judicial battle, ”accusing these clubs of“ greed and narcissism. ” Selfishness ».

Yesterday, the president of the German Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, condemned the project, saying: “The European sports model is unique and is based on fair competitions that give priority to sporting merit. This model is threatened today and faces a challenge through profit-based competitions.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also joined those condemning the new project, noting that his government “does not rule out taking any action” against the offending clubs, and said in this regard: “We will not stand idly by while a handful of owners are looking to create their own club.” .

The German Football Association also showed solidarity with UEFA, and demanded that the 12 clubs associated with the separatist Super League be excluded from all competitions, until the matter is reconsidered.

“The clubs and their youth teams should be banned from all competitions until they first think of their fans, who made them among the elite clubs in the world, and not just about bags and wallets,” said Fritz Keeler, president of the German Federation.

While Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea reached the semi-finals of the Champions League for this season, Perez assured, in response to threats of exclusion from competitions in the future, that neither FIFA nor UEFA have the right to make a decision. Monopoly and ownership ». And the president of the club that is most crowned in the Champions League in its various forms (13 titles) continued: “Madrid will not be expelled from the Champions League, not even City or any other team, this will not happen. I do not want to go into legal grounds, but this will not happen. This is impossible ».

The European Union also hinted at denying players the representation of their national teams if they participate in the competition, but Perez, who is 74 years old and has political and economic influence, made clear: “Any player can remain calm because no one has the right to stop them, and this will not happen. UEFA wants to exercise a monopoly and it has to be transparent. He does not have a good picture in his history and he must be open to dialogue and not threaten ».

Perez noted that clubs have taken this step to save the sport. “Football must continue to change and adapt all the time. Football loses interest,” he said. Something different must be done. Football is the only sport in the world. Television must change to adapt to the times. We have to think about why young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are not interested in football. ” “There are boring matches and other platforms for entertainment,” Perez said. Football has to change. There is a group of European clubs that want to do something to make this sport more attractive internationally.

He believed that the Corona virus pandemic precipitated the clubs’ need for change, and that they cannot bear waiting for UEFA reforms to the Champions League, and said: “The new Champions League is expected to start in 2024, but by that time all the clubs will be dead.”

Perez believed that the new tournament would help the smaller clubs, and he explained: “They said it is the championship of the rich, which is not true. This is a tournament that will save football, the money goes to everyone, this is my hierarchy. If the powerful have money, it flows down … There are 15 clubs that play according to their worth, and another five according to their merit, it is not a closed tournament. We never thought of a closed championship. ”

In light of a financial situation that has been burdened by the global outbreak of the Corona virus, the 12 clubs want to search for better stability for the future, and the new tournament will guarantee them 3.5 billion euros ($ 4.19 billion) to support their investment plans. The new tournament format will see the twenty teams divided into two groups of ten, with the first three teams qualifying for each group to the quarter-finals, and the fourth and fifth of each group will play two round-trip matches to join the eight-round.

After that, the competition adopts the principle of elimination matches, from home and away, similar to the Champions League, before the final, which takes place from one match during a month in May.

However, the new project still faces major challenges from all international and local organizations, as well as at the public level. The Premier League announced that it is discussing all possible measures to prevent the six English clubs from participating in the Super League. The association said in a statement: “During the meeting, the 14 clubs unanimously rejected the plans to hold this competition.”

Although his club announced the approval of joining the Super League, the Spaniard Josep Guardiola, coach of the Manchester City team, considered that this project does not die to sport, which is the first clear and hostile statement to this competition split from one of the coaches of the twelve founding teams.

“The closed system for the new championship does not pertain to sport,” Guardiola said. When you are a guarantor of success and the loss is not important, and there is no relationship between efforts and reward, this is not a sport. ”

He continued, “It is unfair when a team struggles and reaches the forefront and then cannot qualify because success is always guaranteed for specific clubs.”

Guardiola asked during the press conference on the eve of his host Aston Villa meeting in the 33rd stage of the Premier League, “They say that five clubs can qualify for this competition, but what if the 15 teams do not present a good season and compete in it?” This is not a sport. ”

Guardiola questioned the reason for choosing the twelve clubs, including City, Tottenham and Arsenal, which were not crowned European champions, while four times European champion Ajax Amsterdam was excluded. He continued: «It is their duty to answer us as soon as possible. To tell everyone in all parts of the world because this is an international issue, and explain why these clubs exist and others not. Did Ajax Amsterdam, who has four Champions League titles, not exist? They have to tell us ».


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