“Peacock” series faces a new crisis (details)


The Supreme Council for Media Regulation in Egypt decided to immediately investigate those responsible for the production of the series “The Peacock”, and the officials of the channels that broadcast it, after receiving numerous complaints about the use of language that does not agree with the codes issued by the Council, stressing the need to uphold values ​​and not prejudice Egyptian families or Defaming it, or showing it offensively.
In a statement issued by it, the council affirmed that it is biased towards freedom of art, unleashing the energies of creativity, uniqueness and aesthetic values, and does not place restrictions of any kind on those noble meanings, but at the same time it works to clear the atmosphere and prevent images that offend the original Egyptian art.
The council indicated that respecting viewers is one of the priorities for purposeful artistic works, in order to preserve identity and cohesion of families, avoiding any image that distorts it, or incites verbal and physical violence, and that dramas adopt positive content that respects recognized values.
The Council added that the Drama Monitoring Committee firstly monitors what is shown in the series, monitors the extent of adherence to media codes, and receives citizens’ complaints, as well as criticism of critics, writers and those interested in this.


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