Paris Saint-Germain take revenge from Bayern Munich


Bayern Munich, champion of the “Champions League”, bid farewell to the tournament in the quarter-finals, despite his victory in the “Princes’ Garden” over Paris Saint-Germain.

  • Paris Saint-Germain take revenge from Bayern Munich
    Chubu Muteng scored the match’s only goal

Champions League holders Bayern Munich bid farewell to the tournament despite winning the “Princes Garden” with a goal unanswered to Paris Saint-Germain in the match that brought them together on Tuesday in the second leg of the quarter-finals.

The French team qualified with the advantage of goals on the land of its opponent, where the total first-leg result was a draw (3-3).

The first half of the match saw Bayern Munich advance from the start, because he was looking for an early goal to facilitate the task of turning the tables, but he did not succeed in scoring, and despite his offensive strength and rush, he lacked strength in the middle of the field, leaving many spaces in the process. Defensive and offensive, and he needed a more creative player, which Joshua Kimmich and David Alaba did not do.

In the first session, too, the ball resisted Paris Saint-Germain, who relied on counterattacks and was able to create opportunities in narrow spaces, so the brilliant goalkeeper Manuel Neuer faced opportunities to score.

The post and the crossbar also supported the “Bavarian” team, as they stood in the face of Neymar twice, after which the only goal of the match for Bayern came through Eric Maxim Chubu Moting in the 40th minute.

In the second half, things did not change despite Bayern’s progress and their hunt for goals. Keylor Navas faced some chances, but Bayern did not rise to the level that would have qualified them for the semi-finals.

Despite the loss, Paris Saint-Germain reached the semi-finals of the “Champions League” for the second time in a row, to renew the dream of crowning the continental championship for the first time in its history, and to become the second French team to win the most expensive title after Marseille crowned in 1993.

With this qualification, BSG avenged its loss in the final of last season to the German team.

Bayern, in turn, bid farewell to the second championship of the season, after being eliminated from the German Cup Fell in front of his host Holstein Kiel, To compete for the title of “Bundesliga”, as he is 5 points ahead of his closest chasers, Leipzig.


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