Paris Saint-Germain crush Strasbourg


Paris Saint-Germain won a landslide victory at the expense of its counterpart in Strasbourg 4-1 in the 32nd round of the French League, at the Mino stadium.

Paris Saint-Germain raised its score to 66 points in second place, 3 points behind Lille, while Strasbourg froze at 36 points in thirteenth place.

Saint-Germain scored the lead through Kylian Mbappe in the 16th minute, while Saint-Germain scored the second goal by Pablo Sarabia in the 27th minute.

In the “45th” minute, Paris Saint-Germain scored the third goal through Moise Kane, while Moise Aurel Deon Sah scored the only goal for Strasbourg.

Saint-Germain succeeded in adding the fourth goal through Leandro Paredes in the 79th minute.


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