Pakistan … Corona vaccine costs $ 80 and “queues are in the thousands”


وتقدم Pakistan Currently the vaccine is free for the health-care workers who are spearheading the response efforts. “Covid 19And those over 50, but the campaign has been slow so far.

Last March, the country allowed the private sector to commercially import vaccines for all people.

The first round saw a commercial sale of the vaccine.Sputnik inThe Russian is being sold to the general public for about 12,000 Pakistani rupees ($ 80) for a two-dose package.

Despite the cost, a number of vaccination centers reported long queues, with some standing in Karachi for nearly 3 hours to get vaccinated.

Most of those waiting in line were young Pakistanis who were still not eligible for the free government vaccination.

Saad Ahmed, 34, told “Reuters” after being vaccinated in a high-end private hospital in Karachi, “I am very happy to have it because it is necessary now for travel.”


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