Oscar-nominated “Metal Sound” puts the spotlight on people with special needs


Los Angeles – Reuters

Oscar nominee Paul Racey, for his role in the movie “The Sound of Metal” (Sound of Metal), in which he portrayed the character of a drug addict who lost his hearing, says that the most common reaction he receives from the deaf to the film is, “What is wonderful to present a group of Deaf Addicts! ”

“It sounds a bit strange, but they are happy that you are presenting them in a way that makes them look normal, like you and me, and they have the same problems,” he added during an interview.

Supporters of the idea hope that the praise of “The Sound of Metal”, nominated for the Oscar for Best Film, and other films will contribute to presenting more works on people with special needs.

The lack of participation of women, black-skinned people and other groups in Hollywood films has been the subject of heated discussion in recent years, and film studios and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which are awarding Oscar awards, have taken steps to increase the presence of these groups in front and behind the camera, and activists seek to include these efforts with people with needs. Own of all kinds.

The movie “Metal Sound” starring Riz Ahmed, who embodies the character of Robin Stone, a drummer who suddenly loses his hearing. Over the course of four years he spent on a journey to recover from addiction, Stone goes to a facility for the deaf run by Joe, who embodies the character of Rasi.

He grew up Rasi (73 years old with deaf parents) and American Sign Language was the first language he learned. As for Riz Ahmed, he is nominated for the Best Actor Award for his role in this film.

Rasi said that his background and his upbringing among the deaf helped him play his role, and he expressed his hope that “The Sound of Metal” would open the way for representatives of the deaf.


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