Oscar 2021 … French and Korean cinema and Nomadland dominate … and a shock to Chadwick, and a win for the taste of the loss for Mank


The curtain fell on the longest and toughest movie season in Hollywood history with the announcement of the Oscars, which made sense despite the shock of the late Chadwick Bosman not winning the Best Actor award, which most observers expected to win, and the surprise was only mitigated by the fact that the winner was the wonderful Anthony Hopkins.

Despite her whispering voice, French cinema imposed itself strongly on the podiums in the Oscars, after winning three awards, namely: Best Adapted Screenplay and received by Florian Zeller for Father’s movie “The Father”, and Nicolas Baker, who won the Best Voice Award for “Sound of Metal”, And the short French documentary film “Colette”.

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The second Oscar winner is Korean cinema, which has become a common denominator in the podiums after the boom achieved by Paraset, or “Parasite,” which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in the last round and the Palme d’Or in Cannes..

This time, the date was with South Korean Grandma Yoon Yoo-jung (73 years old), who won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her role in the movie “Minari”.

On the other hand, the movie “Nomadland” was the biggest winner after it won awards for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress.

American Frances McDormand won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Nomadland, becoming the second woman to win an Oscar 3 times in this category, behind Katharine Hepburn who won 4 awards..

As for the film itself, its director Chloe Chow became the first female creator of Asian descent and the second woman to win the Best Director award after Catherine Bigelow for “The Hort Locker” in 2010..

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fade out

Among the losers comes the movie Mank, which was the most prominent of the award-winning films, with ten nominations, and the result was a win, in the end, with a taste of loss, with only two awards, the best photography and best decoration.

The biggest loser who shocked millions is the late Chadwick Bosman, who was all expectations heading to him to win the best actor award after his horrific death at the age of 43, but the title went to veteran Anthony Hopkins, who won it for the second time..

The third loser is the Netflix platform, despite winning 7 awards, as those awards did not prevent her from losing her stars, Chadwick Bozeman and Viola Davis, who could not get any award for their role in “What Renees Black Batum”.

Likewise, “The Trail of the Chicago Seven” by Aaron Sorkin did not win, and the outcome of “Mank” was very disappointing, despite its lead in the nomination race..

The fourth losing star, Glenn Close, is the biggest loser after she ran for the Best Supporting Actress category for the eighth time without being lucky enough, to equal Peter O’Toole’s number in the number of nominations without a victory.!

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Colorful drama

Although the awards did not satisfy all parties, and this, by the way, is normal and healthy, the Oscars abandoned the “white” and masculine tendency, and awarded best supporting actress and best supporting actor for actors of color, the British Daniel Kaluuya (32 years old) for his role in ” Judas and the Black Missaya, and South Korean Yoon Yoo-jung (73 years old) for her role in the movie “Minari.”

People of color could have swept the Oscars, especially in the Best Actor and Actress categories in the main and auxiliary roles, but Anthony Hopkins and McDormand break into the list and are in any case deserving of the award..

While the late Chadwick Bosman did not win, it was an almost shocking surprise, and in the women, she lost the wonderful coronation Viola Davis, and it is noteworthy that they share the title of “Marine Black Bottom”.

Jung did not believe her winning the award and asked in astonishment, “How can I win against Glenn Close? “I saw her in a very large number of roles … This evening, I had some luck, I think.”

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Profiles are indicative

70 A record woman nominated for the 93rd Edition Awards.

Riz Ahmed was the first Muslim to be nominated for the Best Actor award, and Stephen Yoon was the first Asian American to be nominated for the award..

For the second time in Oscar history, two black women are running, Viola Davis and Andra Day..

Korea first

Yeoh Gang-yeon became the first Korean actress to win an Oscar, as well as the first to be nominated, and she had previously won the award at the BAFTA and SAG festivals.

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the oldest

The award celebrated 83-year-old Anthony Hopkins, who became the oldest winner of the Best Actor in Oscar History.

Anne Roth also won Best Costume Design to become the oldest woman to win any Oscars at the age of 89.

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Make-up and hairdressing

Mia Neal and Jamaica Wilson, who worked at Marine Black Bottom, became the first black women to run and win that award..


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