Osama Nabih: We have 3 senior guards … and we will work as we are in the African champions


Oussama Nabih, general coach of Zamalek club, confirmed that beating MCA is the first step in modifying the course in the team, especially as the victory came with a result and a distinguished performance from the team in Algeria.

Osama Nabih said, in an intervention with the journalist Ibrahim Fayeq on the “Jamhour Al Thala” program broadcast on Ontime Sport 2: “We do not think about the material, we are the ones who are enough for us, and we work in an ocean of problems, but we always strive to separate the players from them.”

The Zamalek coach added: “The two points are not good for a big club like Zamalek, so there was insistence on correcting the path and returning with three points, and we left Egypt and our goal was to win against Mouloudia in his home, and we were lucky because of the effort made by the players.”

Osama Nabih explained: “Shikabala’s goal against Mouloudia is usual, as these are his technical capabilities, and the competition between Zamalek goalkeepers is sweet and bewildering, in light of the great brilliance that Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jensh lives, and this is a great need for the club, because it has three guards at the highest level, and all of them represented the national team,” It is possible to rotate the guards, why not. “

And Osama Nabih continued: “Any punishment for any player we will announce immediately, and Imam Ashour’s punishment is not associated with time, and it is better not to talk about it, and he is upset with himself, but it is not refreshing.”

The Zamalek coach concluded his words: “We will play to win against Tounjeth, and we will do what we have and wait for the results of Al-Taraji and Mouloudia. I expect that Al-Tarji will play the match with all strength to preserve his name.”


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