Online shopaholic and important update through Google Chrome


In the recent period, the process of electronic shopping, selling and buying of many products through online shopping has increased, and a new update has occurred on Google Chrome, and users can use it currently to help in the shopping process, and the new Chrome update is important for online shopping lovers, as many internet users depend on finding The things they want to buy, so the new Chrome update came to facilitate this process for users, and the new Chrome update includes the price tracker feature that appeared in the Chrome 90 version for devices operating on Android systems, and through it the browser monitors price updates that occur on the things that the user is interested in buying And show notifications of low prices constantly.

Update on Google Chrome
The new Chrome update is important for e-shopping enthusiasts

Negative point in the new Chrome update:

Technology and modern technology experts have discovered that there is a negative point in this feature, the results currently indicated that it only works when the pages or tabs remain open within the browser, but it is expected that Google will find a solution to this point with the next update of the browser.

How to activate the new feature:

It is worth noting that there are a number of specialized sites that indicate that the user when he obtains the device, as the device guarantees the latest version of Chrome in order to activate this feature in the browser of his smart device, and this update is activated through the settings menu that appears at the top right of the browser, where The tab or page is listed as Track prices, and in the event that it does not appear to him automatically, he will be able to go to its link, and through the drop-down menu, choose to enable price notifications via the Enabled Price notifications option.

Extremely dangerous security vulnerabilities on Google Chrome:

Google Chrome

Google has addressed the flaw in a recent update

Browser update recommendation:

We mention through this article that the National Guidance Center has advised updating the browser to version 90.0.4430.93, as searches increase about updating Google Chrome, as Google issued Google an explanation of the necessary updates through our website, educate me, and the reader is pleased that those in charge of Google have addressed The vulnerability in the latest update, which makes browsing safe for all its users.

Google Chrome
Google has released an update to address a number of vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser

Steps and method to update on Google Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. In the top right of the screen, click More Help – About Google Chrome.
  3. Select the current version number, which is the set of numbers under the word “Google Chrome,” while Chrome will check for updates and will auto-update.
  4. Then click on Restart.


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