Once again, Haifa Wehbe makes a noise on Tik Tok .. Watch how a famous artist imitated (video)


Actress Haifa Wehbe is active recently on the application “TikTok” and attracts the attention of many followers.

Activists recently shared a new video of her, in which she appeared with her friends. It is noteworthy that she imitated the Egyptian actress Shaima Saif in a scene from the movie “Armouti in the Land of Fire,” in which the latter participated, along with the artist Badria Tolba and the artists Ahmed Adam and Alaa Morsi.

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Many saw that the artist had a high sense of humor and praised her vitality and spontaneity, and what was stated in the comments on one of the accounts that re-posted the clip in the application of photos and videos “Instagram”: “It is not important that she laughs. The important thing is that she is lively and has a cheerful energy and loves to laugh and love. Sadness and grief, and “Fadwa is more beautiful than jokes” and “Cute Hoveh even if you don’t laugh at me“.


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