Officially, Manchester City is the first to withdraw from the European Super League



Officially, Manchester City is the first to withdraw from the European Super League

The English club, Manchester City, announced in an official statement today, Tuesday, its withdrawal from the European Super League football, less than 48 hours after the establishment of the new tournament.

Manchester City published an official statement saying: “Manchester City FC confirms that it has taken formal measures to withdraw from the founding group of the European Super League.”

And many British reports in the past hours have confirmed that the English clubs Chelsea and Manchester City are seriously considering withdrawing from the European Super League.

The British newspaper “The Sun” and the British “BBC” network revealed earlier, the intention of the Chelsea administration to withdraw from the Super League, and that it is preparing the necessary documents to submit this request.

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British media: Chelsea and Manchester City will withdraw from the European Super League

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin immediately welcomed Manchester City’s decision.

He said, “I am delighted to welcome City to the European football family … It takes courage to admit a mistake, but I never doubted that they had the ability and common sense to make this decision.”

Yesterday, 12 major clubs in the “old continent” announced the launch of a new competition called the “European Super League” for football.

The 12 clubs represent three countries: from England 6 teams (Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur), from Spain 3 teams (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid) and from Italy 3 teams (Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus) .

Source: RT + Reuters


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