Officially .. FIFA reveals the date for the “Arab Cup” draw


Arab Cup .. New excitement among Arab teams

The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), headed by Gianni Infantino, has announced the date of the Arab Cup draw for the teams that will be held this year for the first time after the official decision recently to launch it.

And “FIFA” had recently announced the establishment of the tournament, with the participation of 23 Arab teams, in the tournament that will be held in Qatar in order to test preparations for the World Cup there.

The International Federation revealed the date of the draw for the Arab Cup, which is next Tuesday, December 27th, when its ceremony will be held in Qatar.

The statement confirmed that the draw, which will be held in Qatar, will be at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, Tuesday, Mecca time, pending the hot confrontations that will result from the lottery.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Comoros, Bahrain, Iraq, Djibouti, Palestine, Kuwait, Mauritania, Jordan, Oman, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Yemen will participate in the championship.

The tournament will be held at the beginning of next December until the 18th of the same month, and the matches will be held in 6 stadiums, and the match dates will be revealed later.


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