NVIDIA plans to change the computing world with advanced processors


NVIDIA plans to change the computing world with advanced processors

Chipset industry giant NVIDIA has announced its intention to develop a new generation of processors that will take computers to a more advanced world.

According to available information, the company plans to develop new processors called Grace, based on Arm standards, to be a strong competitor to Intel and AMD processors.

According to NVIDIA, this type of processor will be allocated to high-performance computers that depend on artificial intelligence techniques and are used in advanced research in many fields such as physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and economic research, and most importantly of all, it will adopt a computer with great capabilities that will be developed by the Swiss National Computing Center.

In an interview on the heels of NVIDIA’s recent GPU Technology conference, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang said: “We are pleased to announce that the Swiss National Center for Supercomputing will build a supercomputer based on the Grace chips that our company will develop, powered by the next generation of graphics processors that we will introduce. Future. ”

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The American company NVIDIA is well-known as one of the best companies that develop electronic chips and high-performance graphics processors that give computers and electronic devices excellent capabilities in image, video and graphics processing, to convert these devices into suitable tools for electronic game lovers, designers and those working in the fields of digital video imaging.

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