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At the end of the tenth episode of the series “The Ragel”, in which both Yasser Jalal and Nour the Lebanese co-star, Nour, who plays Dr. Malak for her aunt, revealed the reason for her refusal to return to her husband despite his urging to return to her with any conditions, which is that she lost the womb as a result of his beating her. This deprived her of motherhood forever, and that this is the motive behind her great support for the witness (Rana Rais), who was also subjected to an abortion attempt.

Dr. Malak’s desire to support Shahd made her bypass labor laws and submit reports to the prosecution to reopen the investigation in the case to reach the perpetrator, which exposes her to legal accountability, as the hospital director (Ihab Fahmy) orders her to be transferred to investigation because of his desire to close the case, fearing for the hospital’s reputation.

At the same time, Malak continues to try to calm Jalal (Yasser Jalal) towards his daughter, and assure him that conveying her sense of reassurance is the best way to help her and to know all the details that have been exposed to her.

The events of the series revolve around Jalal, the father whose life is upended after his daughter was injured and witnessed in an incident of violence that resulted in being transferred to the hospital.

In addition to Yasser Jalal and Nour, he co-stars in the series, Nermin Al-Fiqi, Mahmoud Abdel-Moghani, Rana Rais, Muhammad Yusra, Enaam Salousa, and Mohamed Adel, written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah and directed by Ahmed Saleh, and broadcasted daily on Al-Hayat channel at 12:00 midnight.



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